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Wauugh! I can't believe I'll be leaving in three weeks.

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with all the organizing/packing/finding-out-you-need-yet more-passport-sized-photos-for-various-documents? ;_;

I'm not really sure how to begin to pack for the long term. I know, after talking to former exchange students they said they thought they brought too many clothes..Does anyone have any pointers?
I haven't bought luggage yet, but I guess one or two big suitcases? I'm not sure if regular clothes + seasonal clothes + omiyage will fit into just one.
Here's another thing...after we arrive in Japan we're supposed to send on our luggage to our host families, but take an overnight bag to the special orientation camp they have for us. With the current luggage restrictions (not being allowed to bring toiletries in carry-on luggage) I'll have to put the overnight bag into my checked luggage and take it out before I leave the airport I guess..?
Sorry I'm kind of rambling but I'm trying to figure out how to make arriving as smooth as possible. :sigh: I hope I won't have to carry around my backpack (with laptop + books + music for flight) and my overnight bag around all orientation...

My visa is being processed at the moment. Are there any other documents I should get before I go? Someone mentioned registering with the embassy before I go, both embassies? Is it necessary?

Oh...another luggage type question...
My mom wants me to buy a winter coat before I go. My Japanese friends say to wait until I get to Japan and buy it when I need it. Should I go ahead and get one here even though it will take up a lot of space in my luggage? Or wait to get one in Japan, even though it might be significantly more expensive?

By the way, what will the weather be like around the Kanto area in mid-September? Still hot from summer? Crisp and cool? Hot and rainy? Cool and rainy? Just a general idea..

Alright! I probably have many more questions where that came from but that's enough for now.
Thanks so much!
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