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One year in Hokkaido!

I'm planning go back in Japan to study for 6 months or one year, and my original plan was to come back to Tokyo.
I contact many schools in Tokyo but no one never replayed to my emails, so a friend of mine gave me the address of his school in Sapporo, Hokkaido were he will go in april telling me Sapporo is a good city, less expensive and chaotic than Tokyo and no foreigners so better to study, so I contact this school in Hokkaido and they immediately answered me! They are very kind and polite, so probably I will go there (also because time for student visa is ending and I need to do it quickly) but I left a peace of me in Tokyo! I love this city!!! And I'm so bother about this!!!

But nobody who has been to Hokkaido and Sapporo and can tell me how is this place? Is it good to study? I have never been there before!

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