ez2distract (ez2distract) wrote in study_in_japan,

Studying Abroad Through the UC System

I'm not in any kind of rush to study abroad right now.  I've actually only just started college a few months ago, and I thought it just sounded best to actually get things done first (at least declaring a major and getting some general ed. done).  I've been pretty thoroughly Westernized/American-encultured and now I'm looking for a clash.  Japan seems like the epitome of the globalized, liberalized East (something comfortable with it's own different twistyin).  I'd really just link some info in general, in regards to how studg abroad is like under the California college system.  I'm under the impression that it's pretty structured and you don't really have to know the language when it gets down to the actual studying/lectures.  Then again, I really don't know much about it at all.
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