tsukisprite (tsukisprite) wrote in study_in_japan,

Some help with Studying Abroad to Japan

Hello! I'm tsukisprite!.....I have taken japanese, yet it has been a while since the courses and am rather rusty.

However I would like to study abroad in Japan to learn more of the language, culture and gain real world experience away from home. The only problem is that my parents are not happy about me wanting to study abroad. The main reasons being that I'm not street smart enough and this is not going towards my major. I am majoring in graphic design.

This might seem like a stupid reason but I feel this may be the only way for me to grow up since a lot of the classes I'm taking now with the work load doesn't allow the time to hold a part time job...I have told them this and they still are not happy...

What should I do?
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